Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, September 22, 2008

today i'm 26


me..still at PD,conducting end user training on our system with the dedicated team of PSSB..i've just done my part, deliver training on 2 modules that related to student. At first i get to comfortable myself with the trainee huhuhu..projecting my voice and information as best as i can...this my first time lorrrrr.....as bidan terjun also! huh! 30 minutes before i'm done, theres a lil bit confusion on me huhu on the certain functions within the system...huh..this is expected for the last minute presenter..and first timer i guess. ;)

anyway, i do keep learning and improving my self in terms of so called public speaking and impromptu speech. When there's a lot of things to deliver , u;ll turn to have a mixing and yet confusing information as all info are blended together..what a mess!

but i still proud of myself, to be given a chance conducting training eventhough not as good as my senior; En Suhaimi.however i manage to do it..just nervous a lil bit..i admired the way he convinced and talked to the audience..well he's a teacher before..so no wander laaah! heeeee...the skill is there and it is noway to be compared with those who gain much more experience than the junior like meeee..uhuhuhu..;)

well..i'm 26 officially today! happy birthday to me.....:)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

User Training at PD


driving alone from CyberJaya to PD was my first time journey. Although it tooks around 90 minutes (viva with 100-12o km perhour ) not that distance but quit a long lonely-ranger to me on early monday bluesss...huhuhu....

Today i should assists the trainer by helping out the user if they cannot catch up the flow ..but somehow to my surprise, i have to replace one of the trainer to train the user deal with the system.

Actually, the system is not a new-stuff to me since i had messing around with it 2-3 weeks back. But to deliver the information towards 50-60 years old user, can i satisfied their 'needs' by fulfilling the empty holes of their curiosity and misunderstanding..hmmm....i try my best lah!! gambatte!!!